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Which product are you searching for?

Our company products include logs, wood planks, wood boards, tonewood, crotch wood (Y-shaped), as well as craft wood. Additionally, we can also supply different grades of wood, based on your requirements. The following approximate distinctions are provided for you as a reference. All products can be customized.(For a wood species introduction, please check our wood species page.)

Furniture factory

We can provide you with the large amounts of durable quality woods your company needs to manufacture quality custome furniture. Including wood beams, columns, and various other raw wood construction materials. Suitable products: logs, large wood slabs, wood baords and crotch wood.

Floor manufacturers

You are...

South and central American hardwoods have excellent textures and colors and finish well, ideal for exotic and aesthetic indoor and outdoor décor.

Suitable products: various wood boards, customizable to your specifications.

Large objects


Manufacturing large indoor or outdoor art & sculpture projects? Whether its a piece for a business lobby or a home or garden. We have high-quality large wood blanks with beautiful grains and patters.

Suitable products: slabs, crotch, log

Craft & art product

The wood grains & colors of Central and South American wood species are widely favored and sought after. Elevate your artwork & enhance your craft. Whether its an instrument ornamental piece of part of a small fine wood product we have a wood to suite your project.

Suitable products: customized craft

Choose the product you like

We offer you the best price and service. Followed by our value for quality and integrity.


The world of crafts

Keychains, stationery, music boxes, handicrafts, wooden glasses, and the like that need to be processed into small pieces of wood. We specialize in exporting small custom-made pieces, whether if it is blocks or strips, it can be made accordingly to the size you want to cut. To make the best art possible, refined processing for the buyers.

Export dimensions: Shipping according to the cabinet size.



( Y style )

Special type

The special shape and texture of crotch wood board are popular among several different countries customers. It can be manufactured into large plates, artistic desks or your art woodwork.

The elegant and charm shape of the crotch is even more than the traditional square shape or round shape, with a very chic style appearance, but also more popular. (Also can export crotch figure logs)




Export dimensions: negotiable.

TONEWOOD( figure wood )

The soul of the music

Whether musical instruments sound good or bad directly depends on the excellence of the wood texture and natural musical properties of wood. The plentiful texture and peculiar shape of wood also present the aesthetic feeling of musical instruments.


It is said that whenever the instrument releases beautiful sounds, the soul of the tree will be liberated.  


Export dimensions: negotiable. Wood species depending on stock status.

Searching for species with ripples is not an easy task and needs to be scheduled 3 months in advance.

If your requirement is based on appearance and beautiful patterns rather than ripples, then you should refer to wood planks or craft wood.

Depending of tree species combined shipping.


Suitable for your needs

The perfect table needs to be both as beautiful and as durable at the same time. A large tabletop not only an ordinary table but also adds character to your life, the table becomes a part of your everyday life.



Export dimensions: negotiable, priced on tree species and sizes

Depending on tree species combined shipping.


The primitive state of wood.

Excellent for furniture manufactures and other large projects, the woodwork starts with raw natural logs. The most critical point in the selection of the highest quality wood starts here. We carefully select the best logs with the most rigorous check for wood thickness, length, damages, cracks, decay, curvatures, the presence woodworms, and so on.  


Export dimensions: Minimum 30 CM diameter.

Minimum length: 1.8 M

 (Ciricote Smallest size: 2.4 M)

Smallest size: 2.4 M

Maximum length: 12 M

Pricing method: per cubic meter (m3)

Depending on tree species selection and shipping location.


Accompany your life

The most popular uses range from building materials,construction,decoration,households,outdoors,etc. We provide you the most widely used sizes. ( also name as timber, wood board, etc )



Smallest size for export: 3" x 3' x 1"

Pricing method: per cubic meter (m3)

Depending of tree species combined shipping.

For other sizes, please contact us to quote price and get information.

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