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Do it Yourself Hardwood Musical Instruments

Beautiful Handmade Exotic Hardwood Instruments

When everything can be bought with just a click, it's feels good to make something with your own hands. You can easily source the Internet for DIY projects that have everyday functionality. Instrument building is one such project.

Building an instrument is not as daunting as it first sounds. All it requires is some patience, a little elbow grease, and the right kind of wood. Consider a handmade instrument for your next gift or project

Building Your Own exotic hardwood Guitar Guitars are probably the most popular instruments to build and it's easy to see why. Guitars are incredibly accessible, need little to no accompaniment to be enjoyed, and can be built easier than you think.

Humans have been making guitars for hundreds of years and with the right design and wood, anyone can.

First step to making a guitar is finding the right wood. Check out our species page to choose the right wood for you. Some good choices might include Chokte Kok aka Mexican Redheart wood, Katalox aka Mexican Ebony or even Circote a rare but beautiful Latin Hardwood.

Not all wood creates a similar sound. Referred to as tonewood, these trees and slabs produce anywhere from rich deep to delicate tonality.There is a saying that when made into an instrument with care when played the instrument releases the soul of the tree

DIY Instruments for Kids Crafts bring the whole family together. Make a new tradition this holiday season and set aside some quality time. That will help anyone especially kids understand and appreciate any instrument better.

Instrument building is an excellent way to tap into the creativity of young minds and build something together. Not only are you making instruments, you're making memories and developing young minds.

By following directions and carefully cutting, gluing, and building, children get the first-hand experience on how certain things are made. This helps to instill hardworking qualities that will last a lifetime.

There are dozens of simple instruments that your children, siblings or even your friends can have a blast making. Using exotic tone wood your instrument will not only sound good be look great as well. You can create xylophones, drums, small acoustic guitars, and much more.




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