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Sustainable Woods and why you should care

Sustainable wood is one of the most important developments in modern carpentry. Possessing a "first do no harm" approach combined with the fact that the wood sustainable systems produces is on a par with anything you'll find in the non-sustainable variety of harvesting is what makes it easy to see why it is so vital to support. What goes into producing wood that is sustainable anyway? Can it really be as helpful as all that? Read on a bit to see why environmentally friendly wood products and producers are so important and why you should start using it today.

What Is It? Sustainable wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. It's the space for renewable usage that makes it meaningful. Forest stewards grow, harvest, and process wood in a way that leaves the landscape intact and local ecosystems healthy. This process means that the environment in which your wood is grown gets to go on living and producing indefinitely. The harvesting area is replanted when they move onto the next section and when the next section is harvested the previous section is grow and ready to harvest once again. This process is repeated over and over again to avoid cutting into further areas of land and maintains the most space possible for the surrounding ecosystem. Moreover, producing sustainable timber requires less energy. This benefit is symptomatic of its overall ideology - to maintain high standards while being great for the environment. There's also a movement in recent years to refine and promote wood recycling methods to put what would otherwise be wasted wood to better use.

Why Should You Use It? When talking about changing the way we think about and do something, the first question usually isn't "How does this work?" but rather, "Why should I care?" When it comes to renewable wood sources, "Why should I care?" is an especially important question. With billions of trees being cut every year and endangered animals having their habitat reduced drastically. These ecosystems are and have been in danger of being wiped out for some time. Thus with a point of no return rapidly approaching the issue of ethics is prescient and critical. Moreover, producing sustainable timber requires less energy, which is a secondary environmental benefit to consider. The wood itself is also extremely versatile and equal to non-sustainable wood sources. An excellent insulator, wood conducts heat well and makes for an exceptional building material. Use it to create artwork, homemade gifts and crafts, and create endless other products using woods of various thicknesses’ colors and capabilities. Beyond being good for the environment and a building solution that is as old as modern society itself, it's also strong. How strong? Strong enough to compete against modern building materials in terms of strength. But with a feel and aesthetic that modern material can’t match. Sustainable Wood: Build Better

We live in an enlightened age where information is abundant and free. In years gone by, everyday things such as paper, furniture, fuel, and other consumables were produced and used up without a thought for sustainability of any kind. The resources our beautiful planet had to offer seemed endless. The fact that this is not true is becoming harder and harder to ignore, making sustainable sources for what society requires ever more crucial. With sustainably produced wood, you get all of the benefits of solid, reliable wood while knowing that you're giving something back. Sustainable resources mean an investment in your and your children’s ability to use and appreciate those same resources again down the line.

Sparta Woods is one such source for sustainable exotic hardwood products. We care about maintaining high environmental standards through sustainable harvesting, so that future generations may enjoy the same resources we take for granted today. So come take a look at what we have to offer and as always feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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